Corporate Transaction

The identification of the key drivers of M&A or any capital investment operation gives you the opportunity to minimize the risks of the transaction and to maximize its chances of success.

We perform diagnostic operational diagnosis that will optimize and evaluate accurately the performance of current economic and technological entities subject of your transactions.

We optimize your return on investment by identifying major development trends.

Operational diagnosis

We carry out detailed diagnosis of your techno-economic situation in the following areas:

  • Business model and customers portfolio
  • Products range and performances
  • Human resources and their prospective
  • The industrial capacity

We operate within the framework of transactions we complete the financial analysis of prospective operational elements.

  • Analysis and proposal of commercial and industrial optimization
  • Business Plan and opportunities scenarios.

Operational Support

For all your transactions we identify the adapted management type for the future success of the operation. We can provide experienced manager teams to ensure the management of the future structure.

We consider all types of transactions

  • Start-ups projects funding.
  • Financing business development.
  • Merge & acquisition.
  • Recovery proceedings.

Technical scope

All transaction from 5M€ up to 300M€.

Our Clients

  • Sellers/buyers/investors
  • SME's in M&A process
  • Banks, Private Equity and Investment Funds