Business Development

We provide our clients with business solutions to expand their customer base and market share.

We start from the premise that our customers need a simple strategy: "to increase the turnover and margin." That is why we support their business development in a dynamic and effective way, fully oriented on the goals and problems of their own customers.

Upstream development

  • Networking
  • obbying and influence measurement
  • Reputation management

Business Development

  • Sales increasing and Build up of potential customers «pipeline»
  • Organization and Management of Sales teams
  • Management of tender processes
  • Management of grant hunting

Coaching & training

  • Design & implementation of business processes
  • Training to: «commercial empathy© team spirit»
  • Skill training to our tools «Story board©» and «Pipeline©»
  • Skill Training «Pitch, Presentation and Business project management»

Our Clients

  • Industry and Services
  • Major groups, French and European SMEs